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Solutions in Laparoscopy

Solutions in Laparoscopy

to offer surgical precision and flexibility in surgical procedures, we have developed precise equipment and instruments that integrate a complete and specialized line in Laparoscopy.
The professionals at Endo1world are qualified and attentive to every detail in the laparoscopy, as to satisfy the expectations of our clients, supplying functional, reliable and ergonomic products.

Our product line in the Laparoscopy comprises:

  • Rigid endoscopes
  • Veress needles
  • Magnetic trocra sheaths
  • Multifunctional trocars
  • Monopolar laparoscopic forceps
  • Trocar reducers
  • Irrigation / suction systems
  • Needle holders
  • Monopolar dissection cannulae
  • Probes probes /myomas removal devices / Suture pushers
  • Uterine manipulators / Intrauterine cannulas
  • Retractors
  • Clips / Clip Applicators
  • Conventional bipolar clamps
  • New Bat-man bipolar forceps
  • Needle holder with hard metal insert ( Videa)

We offer specialized technical assistance in several countries.